To understand more about how this blog came into being, it's important I give you a little background on my relationship with a little black Cocker Spaniel named Bella.

Late August 2017, Sun shining, freshly mowed grass, it was a glorious late summer evening. Feeling a little nervous to meet my boyfriend’s Mum for the first time, I hesitantly walked through to their huge dreamy garden. Little did I know this is where the true blossoming romance, of me and Bella, began.

A beautiful friendly Cocker Spaniel trotted up to me. I immediately noticed her attractive face, floppy ears, and curly black silky coat. Her expressive dark green eyes melted me. I stroked her fluffy ears, said hello and crouched down to give her proper fuss. She was loving it.

I threw her favourite ball and played a game of fetch. She’d run as fast as she could, slamming into bushes, kicking the perfect stones, and came galloping back gasping for air. I instantly felt calm and relaxed. She was so cute and clever and loved the new attention. She would lie down, rollover, flip her tongue out, and expect belly rubs, and fuss, to which I always caved. We instantly hit it off.

Over the next few months, I’d excitedly go round to see Adam’s mum, and month by month we became closer and closer, still playing fetch, cuddling on the sofa, and brushing her hair. She was so cute and friendly. Her cheeky personality would shine through.

I moved into Adam’s mum’s house a few months later, and that’s when I believe our bond grew.

I couldn’t wait to see her after I finish a hard days work, seeing her happy face greet me was all worth it. I’d even hear her tail wagging when I put my keys in the door. She’d turn to the treat draw, and give me a guilty a look, which would always make me chuckle. “Go on then Bella as you’ve been a good girl.”
She’d be right by my side, If I went outside she did, if I fell asleep on the sofa, she’d be right there snoring alongside. Sometimes cuddling with Bella is the only cure for a bad day. Only pet owners know the true love they give us.

Bella is a unique dog, with funny characteristics.

Bella has a thing for hiding plastic carrier bags. One time on a freezing winter night, it was 2 am, and I heard Adam’s mum’s irritated voice from downstairs. Bella went outside for a wee and would not come back inside until she’s buried this plastic bag. She said she’d been trying to get her in for an hour and she wouldn’t budge.

Lin had work at 5:30 so you could expect her to be frustrated. She begged me and Adam to help, so off I went outside, threw her favourite ball and shouted “Bella come in”, and straightaway she came strolling in, all satisfied with herself. Bella’s smug face was priceless. At the time it wasn’t so funny, but we all laugh about it now.

How the blog came to be...

As some of you may know Cocker Spaniels are known for their funny ways, after all, it’s just instinct for them to bury things. I’m sure all pet owners know our dogs have different personalities and traits. That’s why they’re unique. It’s one of the many reasons why I love her and put together this useful website.

I’d find myself in Tesco’s buying, dog treats, dog beds, anything I could find dog-related,(much to my boyfriend’s annoyance) we’re supposed to be saving for our own home. She deserves it, after all the love she has given me. I think all dog owners can agree we may spoil our dogs from time to time. This website is a perfect example of how to spoil your pet.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.

I spent a lot of my time researching advice on animals and dogs in my spare time. I’m passionate about all pets and animals, and I truly believe they deserve the best.
This is why I’ve created this website, to help pet owners choose the best pet toys and advice. 

"They truly are a women's best friend" Ruby