Best Donut Dog Beds 2021

We have compiled the best donut dog beds on the market in our list, to ensure your furry friend has the best quality sleep.
Best Dog Beds

Best Donut Dog Beds

Dogs like to sleep. In fact, they spend as much as half of their day sleeping. The other half, they spend up to 30% awake just relaxing, and 20% being active.

A comfortable, supportive and easy to clean donut dog bed is vital for your dog’s wellbeing as well as your own.

When looking at dog beds it’s important you consider your pup more than anything else. If you’ve got small dogs then it’s, of course, best to look at smaller beds so they feel secure and comfortable. With the alternative being true for those who have larger dogs. For a list of the best cheap dog beds click here.

Potentially spending up to 80% of their day in bed means you need to make sure you buy a dog bed which is high quality, good for their health and easy to clean.

Older dogs with joint pain may not like the plush dog bed that a younger pup may. As a pet owner, it’s important that you make sure to consider your dog’s wants and needs first and foremost. There isn’t one universal bed for all dogs as all dogs are different. This isn’t a bad thing, however.

Ultimately you want to buy the dog bed which suits your pooch best. A bed that will allow them to feel happy and content sleeping and relaxing in it for years to come. Keep reading to find the best donut dog beds for your pooch!

What is a Donut Dog Bed?

Donut dog beds help your pup to achieve a deeper sleep. The round shape of the bed allows your pup to curl up and get comfortable with good head and neck support whilst they relax.

The raised rim of a round dog bed relieves any anxiety your dog may feel by making them feel more secure and content in bed.

The best dog beds come with high-quality memory foam and super soft nylon faux fur to ensure your pet is never cold and always fully comfortable.

Most dog beds come with an easy to clean, machine-washable removable cover. As a customer, you want a bed which will last for years to come without stinking the house out or breaking.

Accidents happen (especially with pups) and a removable cover is vital to ensure yours and your dogs comfort in their pet bed.

Benefits to a donut dog bed

A high quality round dog bed can last a lifetime, whilst providing comfort, relaxation and great sleep.

For dogs who love to curl up and get deep into the plush to get cosy, a round dog bed is a great option.

Dogs not only deserve comfort but they need it in order to be as healthy and happy as they can be. They should feel at home too and a high-quality, super soft dog bed will help your pup to do so.

Head support

The soft, raised edges of a round plush dog bed are great at supporting your dog’s neck and head whilst they sleep or relax.

The round shape is perfect for dogs who love to curl up as their head and neck are in a perfect position to get comfy and be well supported on the raised edges of the bed.

Feeling safe

The soft edge really lets your dog curl up and sink into their bed, getting as comfy as they possibly can.

The faux fur found on the best dog beds is similar to their mother’s fur coat to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Raised edges provide your dog with security that relieves any anxiety, allowing your pet to always have the best sleep possible.

The super-soft base of donut dog beds along with often self-warming material keeps your pup warm and content at all times.

Easy to clean

Almost all donut dog beds come with a machine-washable, removable cover. If not, the whole product is usually safe to put in the machine.

This ensures that you’ll always feel happy with the state of the bed and the comfort it will provide your pet.

Donut dog beds are easy to clean, simply take the cover off and machine wash or put the whole thing in the wash. Alternatively, hand washing is of course an option if you prefer.

Compare this to the trouble of cleaning a dog house… There are no corners to get into and no small areas to squeeze your hand or arm in. Just remove the cover put it in the washing machine and away you go.

Table of Contents

The Best Donut Dog Beds UK

Best Overall
Brand1. Muswanna Plush Donut Pet Bed2. Festnight Deluxe Pet Bed3. The Dog's Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed
SizesMedium, L, XLSmall, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, 3XLSmall, Medium, Large, XL
ColoursBrown, Dark Grey, Grey, Pink, BeigeDark Grey, Grey, Light Brown, Pink, White, Wind Red, Dark GreyBrown, Beige, White, Black, Pink, Grey, Steel Grey, Brown
More DetailsCheck for priceCheck for priceCheck for price

This dog bed is made of a soft, comfortable material which is great for your pets fur coat and keeps them warm and cozy on those cold nights.

It’s self-warming and safe for use in the washing machine. Muswanna do however recommend hand washing it to keep it as fluffy as it comes originally.

The round, donut shape of the bed allows your pup to curl up deep into the curves with both great head and neck support.

The super-soft, high-quality of the bed make it great for joint and muscle pain relief.

The bed helps to relieve anxiety by assisting your dog to feel more secure with its raised rim.

It comes with a non-toxic, non-slip bottom which is mould-proof and environmentally friendly so it can be placed anywhere in your home.

The Muswanna bed can be purchased in a Small, Medium, Large or XL size.

Small, recommended for pets up to 2kg – Inner diameter 15cm / Outer diameter 40cm

Medium, recommended for pets up to 4kg – Inner diameter 25cm / Outer diameter 50cm

Large, recommended for pets up to 9kg – Inner diameter 35cm / Outer diameter 60cm

XL, recommended for pets up to 14kg – Inner diameter 40cm / Outer diameter 70cm

There are also five different colours to choose from: Brown, Dark Grey, Grey, Pink and Beige.

Reviews for the Muswanna Plush Donut Pet Bed sit at 4.4 out of 5 stars with over five thousand ratings.

The average customer suggests that the bed is great value for money, washes well and that their pet loves the comfort of their new bed.

One or two customer’s beds have exploded however great customer service has been on offer with a replacement being sent out ASAP.



The Festnight pet bed is covered in soft, high-quality faux fur which provides warmth and comfort. The durable combination of nylon and faux fur makes it a great, long-lasting dog bed option.

Super-soft padding lets your pet sink deep into the bed, allowing them a deeper and more peaceful sleep, it also helps to reduce joint and muscle pain.

The donut shape of the pet bed is great for providing good head and neck support whilst offering your pet a sense of security, alleviating any anxiety they may have.

The bed is fully covered in faux fur, meaning there is no non-stick bottom and no waterproofing. It’s probably best to place it on carpet surfaces to avoid any slippage or constant movement.

The bed comes in six different colours: Dark Grey, Grey, Light Brown, Pink, White and Red

It comes in Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes. The Amazon listing shows XXL and XXXL sizes however there are no measurements for those sizes.

The measurements for Small, Medium, Large and XL are as follows:

Small, recommended for pets up to 2.5kg in weight – Inner diameter 25cm / Outer diameter 40cm

Medium, recommended for pets up to 7.5kg in weight – Inner diameter 30cm / Outer diameter 50cm

Large, recommended for pets up to 10kg in weight – Inner diameter 35cm / Outer diameter 60cm

XL, recommended for pets up to 20kg in weight- Inner diameter 40cm / Outer diameter 70cm

Festnight themselves, along with customers who have purchased the product recommend that you buy one size bigger than is suggested.

Reviews for the Festnight Deluxe Pet Bed sit at 4.1 out of 5 stars with over four thousand ratings.

Customers suggest that their dogs love the bed and the comfort that it offers. They praise the value for money and the quality of the puffiness, however, do recommend you buy a few sizes above what you’d assume.



The Dog’s Bed pet bed is covered in vegan faux fur which is designed to replicate the warmth of a mother’s fur.

The base has a “unique” dual-layer cushion design. A top layer which forms around your pet, allowing them to curl up deep into the bed. And a bottom base layer which is solid in order to support the weight of your pet.

The sides are of course raised, offering great head and neck support whilst reducing any feelings of anxiety your dog may have.

The bed is made of high-quality, self-warming materials which help to keep your pet warm and comfortable no matter how cold it is.

The removable cover is safe to machine wash. It’s easy to wash and quick-drying so your pets are always at full comfort in their bed.

Further, replacement covers can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of the full bed, making this one of the best dog beds in terms of long-lasting use.

The bottom of the bed is equipped with a non-slip surface so it can be placed anywhere in your home.

The bed also comes with a one year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

There are eight colour choices – Chocolate Brown, Dog Biscuit Beige, Ice White, Jet Black, Rose Pink, Silver Grey, Steel Grey and Teddy Bear Brown

The bed can be purchased in Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes. The measurements are as follows:

Small – Inner diameter 33cm / Outer diameter 58cm

Medium – Inner diameter 46cm / Outer diameter 76cm

Large – Inner diameter 56cm / Outer diameter 91cm

XL – Inner diameter 74cm / Outer diameter 114cm

There are no recommendations in relation to the weight of your pet.

Reviews for The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed sit at 4.5 out of 5 stars with over one thousand ratings.

Customers say it’s worth every penny, with their dog loving the bed from the moment it arrives and they first get into it. Top reviews suggest that the material won’t come away with a tug from your dog’s teeth.

Other reviews, however, suggest that the bed is lacking in quality and support in the middle. Further, their dog was able to easily break the product or get their teeth stuck in the fur.



The ANWA dog bed is a cushioned, plush poly-fill bolster bed. It offers your pet great comfort with good neck and head support along with self-warming faux fur.

The bed is fully machine washable, meaning you won’t have to deal with an unsightly, smelly dog bed in your home at any time.

Bolstered sides provide your dog with a sense of security which will alleviate any feelings of anxiety they may feel at night time, offering them a good sleep always.

It can be placed anywhere in your home due to the non-slip, waterproof bottom.

The bed comes with a removable pillow, so if your pup prefers to curl up deep into the plush then they can do.

There are six different colour choices – Beige, Camel, Grey, Light Grey, Taupe and White

The three sizes are – 24-inches wide, 30-inches wide, and 36-inches wide

The 24 inch is recommended for smaller dogs up to 10kg

The 30 inch is recommended for mid-size dogs up to 20kg

The 36 inch is recommended for larger dogs up to 30kg+

Reviews for the ANWA Washable Round Dog Bed sit at 4.6 out of 5 stars with over two thousand ratings.

Customers suggest that their dog loves the bed, not only for the softness of it but for the plushness and high quality. Further, customers love the ease of washing the bed and the sizes on offer usually satisfy.

Some reviews suggest that the quality is lacking so they didn’t let their dog sleep in the bed unaccompanied, worrying their dog may eat the insides. However, the dog still sleeps better and for longer in the bed.



The VIVAGLORY dog bed is great for dogs who love to curl up deep into their pet bed.

Thick, bolstered edges offer your pet good head and neck support whilst the soft padding reduces both muscle and joint pain.

The super-soft faux fur plush and thick padding provide warmth similar to their mother’s fur coat, allowing your dog to fall into a deeper sleep.

It also comes with a removable pillow. So if your dog prefers to sink deep into their bed and get as comfy as possible with a curl and burrow then you can allow them to do so.

An anti-slip base means you can put the bed anywhere in your home without the threat of it moving around.

The whole pet bed is machine washable. VIVAGLORY recommend you put it on a gentle, cold water cycle with fabric softener and a mild detergent.

There are six colours to choose from – Deep Grey, Gradient-Ash Rose, Gradient-Beige, Lavender, Light Taupe and Mist Grey

The three sizes are as follows:

59cm Outer diameter / 49cm Inner diameter

76cm Outer diameter / 60cm Inner diameter

92cm Outer diameter / 80cm Inner diameter

There is no recommendation on the weight of dogs compared to the size of the bed. It’s best to go for a larger size than you’d think to buy.

VIVAGLORY themselves warn that this bed is not suitable for pets who are excessive chewers.

Reviews for the VIVAGLORY Donut Dog Bed sit at 4.3 out of 5 stars with just over a hundred ratings.

Most customers are satisfied with how much their pet loves the bed upon arrival, with them sleeping comfortably on it without trouble. The softness and plushness of the bed is also more than satisfactory for the majority of customers and their dogs!

Lower rated reviews do suggest that the quality of the bed is lacking with the material being flimsy and generally poor with no support for their dog.



Buyers Guide for Best Donut Dog Beds

With so many different options out there, it is important to keep a few factors in mind in order to choose the pet bed that best suits your dog’s needs. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might wish to consider.

  • Size
  • Price
  • Cleaning
  • Ease of access

Which Size

The breed of your pet and in turn the size of your dog should determine the size of the bed you end up buying.

You want to ensure your dog is happy with their bed and at comfort sleeping and relaxing in it for most of the day.

For small dogs such as Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers or Pugs it's most likely they'll prefer the comfort and security of a smaller donut bed.

Big dogs such as Boxers, Collies or Retrievers will prefer extra-large donut beds so they feel fully comfortable and aren't squeezed into their bed.

The products in the list above table the size of the inner portion where your dog will be sleeping and relaxing. It's a good idea to measure your pet from head to toe when they sleep. Then, add a few centimetres onto this and look for a product which suits this measurement best.


Donut dog beds aren't expensive products when you consider the amount of time they'll be used for and how long they should last.

Remember, your dog will spend most of their time in their dog bed so it's a good idea to fork out for a more high-quality option.

Not only will a comparatively expensive bed provide your dog with better sleep, but the materials inside will be of better quality and will last longer.

You want to buy a bed which is good for your pet, worth the money and long-lasting.


Most donut dog beds come with removable covers which are machine washable. If not, usually the whole bed can be put into the machine.

If the cover can't be machine washed, hand washing will likely be the best alternative option.

A removable, machine washable or hand washable cover is great as it makes cleaning a breeze compared to other beds.

Some beds come with a removable middle pillow which allows for even easier cleaning. There's no need to put the whole bed in the wash if your pet only makes the part they sleep or rest on dirty.

Easy and quick cleaning helps to maintain a good condition for your pet's bed. This increases the lifetime of the bed and ensures that it's worth the money in the long run.

Ease of access

Donut dog beds are made out of soft materials which can easily be turned inside out to get rid of any crumbs or dirt.

Anything which may have wedged itself in the cracks of the bed can easily be removed, this helps to keep your pet's bed clean and comfortable at all times.

Most beds come with removable covers or alternatively, the whole bed can be put into the washing machine.

What's easier than taking off the machine washable cover and putting it into the wash or putting the whole thing in?

Some beds come with a removable middle pillow so that you don't have to wash the whole bed if your dog does have an unfortunate accident.

Donut dog beds provide the best ease of use and access for cleaning and maintenance compared to other types of pet beds.


If you still have some questions about choosing the best dog bed for your beloved four-legged friend, we have more information below which should help you out.

What is the best donut bed for dogs

This depends on your dog. It's important you consider the age of your pet and the breed. The breed will determine the size of the bed you need to look for. A larger breed will require a bigger bed so they can be comfortable without having to squeeze themselves in or curl up too much. The opposite is true for small dogs who may not be able to achieve maximum comfort in a bed which is too big for them. The age of your pet and the supportiveness of the bed will determine whether a donut bed is actually the best option. Older dogs may experience joint pain which may not be helped by a bed that uses softer materials. Finding one which is supportive in all the right places will help to relieve pain or discomfort your dog may experience. Alternatively, if your pet is older and experiencing joint pain, there are specific beds available which offer comfort and support to your dog in many different ways.

Are donut beds good for dogs?


Donut beds are some of the best dog beds out there.

They provide your pet with great neck and head support whilst they sleep or relax.

The soft materials on the base of the beds allow your dog to curl up and get as comfy as they possibly can.

And the edges of the bed offer your dog security which lets them sleep without any anxiety or worry.

Not only do donut dog beds provide great support for your pup, but they also offer a great, comfortable sleep.

Do calming dog beds really work?

Yes. Calming beds are specifically designed to include features such as padding, higher edges, hiding places for burrowing and heating or cooling properties.

All of these features help your pet to feel more comfort and less anxiety to improve their sleep and relaxation.

Dogs that hide, burrow, whine or shiver when not being held will benefit from a bed which offers features to calm them down.

However, it's good to keep in mind that they work best in conjunction with patience and training.

A bed, unfortunately, won't solve all issues.

What is the best fabric for a dog bed?

Ideally, you want a fabric that is waterproof, durable, easy to clean and antimicrobial.

Thankfully, the best dog beds offer most if not all of those characteristics.

Waterproofing is not vital however can be handy if you live in an area where it rains often and your pet will get into bed whilst they're still wet.

Waterproofing can also help to stop smells from sticking to your dog's bed, meaning it won't have to be washed as often and won't stink up the house.

Durability is vital. You definitely want materials which last for a long time and will stand the test of your dog gnawing or scratching at them as they try to get comfy!

Almost all dog beds come with easy to clean, removable covers which can be put straight into the washing machine. If the materials can't be machine washed, hand washing is the alternative.

A fabric which is good quality and treated so that it doesn't support any sort of microbial or fungal growth is essential. You want your pet bed to be safe, comfortable and long-lasting.

Do dogs need something soft to sleep on?

Dogs sleep anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day, so it's vital they have a bed which is comfy for them not just to sleep in but also relax in.

The best dog beds offer your pet a place to stay that is not only soft but supportive on their neck, head and joints.

As your dog grows up they can develop issues such as arthritis or other joint problems. A supportive bed will help to cushion your pet's body, providing relief to the pain associated with these issues.

Softer, supportive beds are also great for developing puppies as their joints are supported whilst they're still growing.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Dogs are happy to sleep wherever they want, and you shouldn't stop them from doing this. Offering them the choice to sleep in a nice soft bed or on the floor is the best thing you can do.

They often prefer a spot where they'll be cool, so you may find them sleeping outside of their bed in the summer. A cooling mat can be great for your dog, especially in the hottest months of the year.

However, in the colder months, a bed with self-warming material is great for them so they can get to sleep without shivering.