Best Cheap Dog Beds

We have compiled 7 of the best dog beds on the market in our list, all at a budget price you can really get behind.

Best Cheap Dog Beds

The Best Budget Dog Beds UK

Is your dog taking up all the space on the sofa when they think it’s time to sleep? Is your dog’s bed looking worse for wear? Maybe it’s time to treat your pup to one of the best cheap dog beds online! Just like your own pups, dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. Young or old, there is a budget dog bed that will keep your dog being man’s best friend. Machine washable, faux fur, hooded, memory foam filled, cooling gel foam, small dogs, and large dogs. There is a canine pet bed perfect for all dog lovers. We have compiled 7 of the best dog beds on the market in our list, all at a budget price you can really get behind. Mutts are for life, not just for Christmas, so why don’t you treat your pups with one of the best quality pet beds money can buy. If budget isn’t an issue, we recommend you review our guide on the Best Dog Beds. Or for different options checkout donut dog beds to raised dog beds. Show your best friend just how much you value them in your life, as they do to you in theirs!

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Best Overall
BrandHoppa Soft Faux Suede Plush Round Circular 60cm Non Slip Dog Bed AmigoZone Large & Extra Large Fur Dog Bed AmazonBasics Round Pet Bed
SizesSmall, MediumLarge, Extra Large50.8 x 50.8 x 15.2 centimetres
ColoursFaux Suede, Corduroy, Faux Velvet, Faux SuedeSpiral GrayCream
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1. Hoppa Soft Faux Suede Plush Best Dog Bed

Warm and cosy, this super comfy best dog bed is lined with smooth faux suede fabric with a soft plush padded lining for extra luxury. Combined, these two materials ensure your dog is warm and snug throughout the day and night.

The best dog bed use super-soft polyester fibre filling for maximum comfort and padding. Your dog will want to stay in bed all day long!

Do not worry about any style clashes; the modern bed is designed to match with lots of different room decors, making it a great option for many pet owners.

Completely safe for washing machine cleaning makes the Hoppa pet bed convenient as well as comfortable. If your dog has wet fur or muddy paws, the entire bed can be thrown into the washing machine. No need for faffing around removing washable covers!

This pet bed also features a non-slip base. This will prevent any movement when your pup climbs in and out of bed.



2. Rosewood Jumbo Cord Large Plush Dog Bed

The Rosewood jumbo cord dog bed has been made from luxury grey cord and super soft cream plush. Made to last and easy to clean, this bed is machine washable.

Advised to be washed on a cool setting and a gentle cycle. Do not bleach, iron or tumble dry this bed.

Designed to be used indoors, this bed’s large structure is great for most large dog breeds.

It has raised sides that help to provide a comfortable and calming napping place for your best friend to sleep. These raised sides are also great to be used as a pillow-like surface.



3. AmigoZone Large & Extra Large Dog bed Cushion

This amazing best dog bed by AmigoZone is soft, warm and comfortable. The outer cover is made from very soft fleece material, while the bottom cloth is made of non-woven fabric. This fabric includes an anti-slip paw print design that is simply stunning.

The cover the bed comes with is removable and fully machine washable, ideal for cleaning convenience. The bed is made from 100% polyester and has been filled with hollow fibre for added comfort.

There are a few different sizes and dimensions that you can purchase these beautiful fleece dog bed appropriate for small, medium, and large dog breeds.



4. Amazon Basics Round Dog Bed

The Amazon round best dog bed is perfect for all dogs who love to snooze. No matter if your pup is big or small, they will love this dog bed. Ideal for dogs who love to curl up when sleeping, or for a smaller pet who loves to starfish.

The plush flannel top bed surface has been designed for supreme softness while the sides and base are strengthened with the polyester canvas the bed comes with.

For added structure, this best dog bed has a slightly raised edge. This edge can also be used as a pillow-like surface. There is a curved design that promotes a comfier nights sleep for your pup.

The bed is made from a quality material that can be machine washed. Wash this dog bed separately to other items using cool water and a mild detergent. The material may look misshapen, but it can be moulded back to its original design when it is completely dry.



5. Easy Clean Washable Crate Pad Dog Bed

This easy-clean rectangular pet bed has been specifically designed for crates, carriers, and other pet homes. A simple design that is perfect if your dog likes to sleep spread out with plenty of space.

Made with soft fleece and the best comfortable polyester cushion letting your pup enjoy a long nights sleep. This dog bed is a perfect size and will fit most pet crates up to 24-inches long with no problem. Available in several different colours giving you loads of different options to choose from.

There is a comfortable rim around this dog bed that is an ideal pressure point for your pup to rest its head on when taking a quick snooze.

Completely machine washable, making this dog bed convenient to clean. If your pup has brought muddy paws into the house or has wet fur, do not worry, the best bed cover will slip off and can be thrown straight into the wash.



6. Ellie-Bo Small Dog Bed

The Ellie-Bo dog bed for small dogs is exactly that, small. It has a dimension of 56cms x 41cms x 10cms, making it the perfect bed for small dogs such as pugs, Frenchies, etc.

The bed comes with a removable cover that is completely machine washable. This cover has been designed to be super soft, comfortable, and is made from quality materials.

The inner cover has been developed with water-resistant fabric that is also breathable. Having breathable fabric is great for any dog bed, providing some extra breathing space when your dog’s fur combines with the cover’s soft material.

This dog bed is amazing as it removes the issue of stuffing moving around inside the dog bed by using a partitioned internal construction. Many designs do not include these options, losing the shape of the dog bed if there isn’t a frame around the cushion.

The anti-slip base will stop the dog bed from moving from your chosen spot when your pup gets in and out.



7. Ellie-Bo Sherpa Fleece Dog Bed Mat

The Ellie-Bo Sherpa fleece dog bed is a beautiful and simple dog bed with a practical design. Available in some different sizes, there’s no need to worry if your pooch is a little bigger than most.

The sherpa material will cater to all of your hounds, providing a cosy bed for them to rest in. There isn’t loads of support, and if your pup needs to curl up when they are sleeping this may not be the best option.

If you need to transport your pup, this mat is the perfect way to keep them calm and comfortable.

The base has been developed with non-slip technology, ensuring there’s no movement when you’ve chosen a spot to place the bed.

Machine washable at a cool temperature of 30c. Please do not tumble dry as this could ruin the bed after it has been washed.



Buyers Guide to Dog Beds

  • Type
  • Size
  • Price
  • Cleaning
  • Ease of access

Which Type?

When it comes to your new dog bed, there are many different types to choose from catering to different dog breed needs. An elevated dog bed is much better for a fluffy pup. The raised platform will provide a better airflow keeping your dog nice and cool. These elevated designs are excellent in the summer months.

Before you purchase your new pet bed, check how your puppy sleeps. If they love to sprawl out on the sofa, an extra-large rectangular bed may be perfect. If your hound loves to curl up into a ball when they sleep, a cave bed or a cuddler is an ideal choice.

A hooded version can provide more privacy if your dog likes its own space. Having a hood can also add extra comfort to your dog's napping spot. A plush dog bed is a perfect choice for sleeping indoors; they will provide much more comfort than an elevated option, plus will look great in your home. The style of the design is also important!

Which Size

The size of your dog bed will depend on the breed of pooch. The best dog beds are always a little larger in size than your pet to compensate the numerous sleeping positions they will put themselves in.

Size may be how the bed is designed. A small bed could still have a tall platform. These pet products are not suitable for older dogs who are starting to feel the strains of old age.

Price Considerations

Price all depends on the kind of features you want to include on your dog bed. With these pet products, you get what you pay for. For more boutique materials, you'll have to spend a little extra, well worth it though, as your pooch will really enjoy the feeling.

Features such as a memory foam base will cost a little more and larger pet bed designs. The price is mainly down to your budget or your animal's needs, one glove doesn't fit all, mainly due to the many different dog breeds around.

Cleaning Considerations

We all know pets can smell, and no matter how well you keep your dog clean, they are always going to enjoy rolling in the mud on walks. This is why it is important to find a dog bed that is machine washable.

This will make your life much easier. If the entire bed isn't machine washable, a washable cover is a great option.

Cleaning Considerations

Consider your dog's age. Being a dog owner is always looking for the best quality pet products regarding design and materials, ensuring our dogs are as comfortable as can be. As your canine gets older, a bed that doesn't put pressure on their joints and provides more support is needed. Some memory foam options are great for this, but always ask your veterinarian before you buy.


Where can I buy the best dog bed?

The best dog bed can be purchased anywhere. Your local high street or online is a great place to get a good feeling for exactly what you're buying. In our opinion, the best dog bed can be purchased from Amazon!

Using Amazon, you can find several different pet products in different shapes and sizes. A bed for small dogs and large dogs, Amazon has everything.

Using Amazon is great; you can see product descriptions and reviews from companies explaining all of the best things about your ped bed. Another great thing is that you can compare specifications against other beds to find which is most suitable for you.

Amazon is also a great way to find a hands-on personal account given by previous buyers. Many customer reviews provide valuable information on how each product has faired in their own day to day lives.

Are dog calming beds any good?

Just as humans, dogs love having comfortable beds when they are sleeping to cuddle up in. Buying the best dog beds will show you appreciate them, and appreciation doesn't come in any better form than a comfort calming bed.

A calming bed will maximize your dog's comfort levels when they are sleeping, bringing happiness all day long. A calming bed is also safer with the added extra plush making them the perfect pet bed.

So what actually is a calming dog bed? These beds are specifically designed to give your pooch extra warmth and comfort. The used materials are also extremely soft, providing your canine with a more comfortable space to cuddle up and relax.

Calming dog beds are simply dog beds specially designed to give your dog extra warmth and comfort. They are super soft, giving your dog a more comfortable napping spot for him to cuddle up and relax.

The majority of calming dog beds feature:

  • A “cuddle” style design, letting your dog easily sink in them.
  • Provide a comforting, supporting layer that engulfs your dog keeping them cosier and safer.
  • They feature flush materials like faux fur and sherpa.

What is the best doughnut bed for dogs?

If your dog likes to sleep curled up into a ball, then the doughnut bed design could be exactly what you're looking for. They are comfortable in the padding used and provide your dog with all the support they need for a great nights sleep.

Is a memory foam dog bed any good?

Memory foam base pet beds are great for elderly dogs. Experienced dog owners will know that older dogs usually suffer from aches and pains in their joints that come with old age. A memory foam pet bed will provide firm support when your old pup is resting or sleeping.

If your dog is overweight, a memory foam pet bed is a great way to supply the extra cushioning they need.