How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

Having a dog is very rewarding, and they soon become part of the family. But, unlike children, they don’t grow up and go to school, so if you’re not home, what becomes of your precious pooch? It is often something that gets overlooked when people consider getting a pet, so if there is no one home from nine till five every day or possibly longer is it right to have a dog and then leave it alone all day? Is this even legal? How long can I leave my dog alone? In this article, we delve into the rights and wrongs about leaving your dog home alone so that you can decide for yourself what will work in your situation. Remember, different dogs have different temperaments, so it’s important to research your breed of puppy before buying. Check our buying a puppy checklist, for more support.

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

If you were to ask the question: How long can a dog be left alone? to a random group of people, the answers you received would vary massively. We have heard every opinion under the sun, from ‘they are alone all night when I sleep so they will be fine all day as well’ to ‘I hardly ever leave them there is always someone at home’. Of course, practicality kind of dictates the answer to this question. So, how long can you leave a dog alone? During the night, most of us are asleep, and this is the same for animals, an adult dog can usually hold its bladder and bowels for the duration of an 8-hour night. But, should we also expect that kind of behaviour during the day when you are also offering food and water? The answer seems to be overwhelmingly no, although there are people that do expect this from their dog. Leaving a dog home alone for an extended period is asking for trouble, they will become bored and restless and possibly start to wreck your stuff. This is one reason why dogs end up in shelters because owners have expected them to entertain themselves all day and being angry and upset when they have come home to ripped up furniture and holes in doors and walls.

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone in the House?

Realistically organisations like the RSPCA suggests that no more than four hours is an acceptable time for leaving a pooch home alone. How long can a dog be left alone? It all depends if you are happy with your dog toileting inside you perhaps consider that a longer time is acceptable but, they are still fundamentally isolated and lonely if you do this. This is not in any way trying to force human behaviours on dogs; it is accepted that dogs are pack animals, and therefore in the wild they would not be alone. Pets play a massive role in family life in every country across the world. We cannot overlook the psychological and health benefits of having a dog. Still, the type of pets you choose does somewhat depend on the lifestyle you have. But there is a massive difference between leaving a dog home alone and leaving a cat, for example. If you have ever asked yourself the question ‘how long can I leave my dog alone?’ you will understand the issues this raises. But now, of course, the main question is how long can you leave a dog alone in the house? A dog can be left at home alone, which you can’t do with a toddler, but it does still raise ethical questions if it’s going to be for an extended period. Most people accept that they cannot leave their dog overnight, for example, or while they go away on holiday. But all day everyday while someone works tend to be less of an issue.

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone Legally & Can a dog be left alone for 8 hours?

So, can a dog be left alone for 8 hours? The answer here is legally, there are no rules and regulations but from a welfare point of view organisations like the RSPCA can get involved and act if they feel a dog is being neglected by being left for too long. The simple solution is to ensure that you employed the services of a dog Walker or sitter or ask a friend or family member if they would like to be involved in helping with your dog’s care. You can also take your dog to doggie daycare, where you drop them off on your way to work and pick them up on the way home. Generally, the rule of thumb is that dogs should be left for no more than four hours at any one time, as they need human interaction, access to the toilet, and time to exercise. How long can I leave my dog alone legally? If you are unable to arrange anyone to come and help look after your dog and do you have to work five days a week and will be gone for more than 8 hours you should seriously reconsider whether having a dog is right for you.

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