Our Favourite Dog Names from Movies

We all have favourite movies, and from these films, some characters stick with us. But it’s not just the human characters that we get attached to; movie dogs play a huge role in our lives to the point where we name our animals after them, so just what are our favourite dog names from the movies? See our list of movie character dog names below.

Movie Character Dog Names

Whether they play a starring role or are something of a sidekick, it is fair to say that there are some favourite movie dog names out there. Whether you are a fan of Scooby-Doo, Rin-Tin-Tin, or Lassie, there are certainly plenty to choose from when it comes to movie dog names. Being a writer on films where dogs feature as a character must be tremendous fun, as you have a full artistic licence when it comes to deciding what to call them. From cartoon characters to real-life action, and more recently CGI characters, there are undoubtedly many different films that feature our faithful hounds. Just like our human characters, dogs in movies can either be good and fight for justice or evil and on the dark side. It does tend to be those that we see as good and heroic that stick in our minds the most. Many people say that the death of a lead character in a movie may well be sad, but it’s this death of a dog that gets them reaching for the tissues.

Best Dog Names from Movies

Thinking about dog names from the big screen or the tele box, we came up with a list of some of the best male dog names from the movies including Beethoven, this huge great dog won the hearts of everyone, despite the fact he drools everywhere and is generally too big for a house. Then you have the lovable Tramp, from Lady and the Tramp, the rough and tumble street dog who just wanted a family to call his own. In Jim Carey’s comedic film, The Mask, we find a dog named Milo. This certainly seems to be a trendy dog name. Also starring in lady and the Tramp we see Trusty, the lovable Bloodhound who uses his nose to come to the rescue. And although there are hundreds more our final choice for best male dog name from the movies goes to Hooch. Another massive hound who has a bit of a drooling problem and is taken on by police officer played by Tom Hanks Because he is the only witness to his owner’s murder. Hanks is determined to prove that the dog can identify the killer.

So, what about female dog names from movies? Of course, there are some pretty famous female dogs in the movies, including a personal favourite in the office of Fly the sheepdog in Babe. This wonderful nurturing mother Kali takes the baby piglet under her wings and in a strange turn of events ends up turning into her into a never before seen sheep pig. Don’t forget the perfect pampered pooch that is Lady from Lady and the Tramp who finds herself out on the streets and desperate to get home. She’s delicate and a pedigree. In 101 dalmatians the mother dog who has her work cut out looking after all the puppies is Perdita, she’s a beautiful, classy lady with a gorgeous coat who must avoid Cruella Deville and being turned into a fur coat. Our final selection for female movie dogs is Chloe from Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Never underestimate these pint-sized canines as they are full of energy and character.

Character Names for Dogs

With such a set of inspiring dogs to look up to, it is no wonder that people often want to take inspiration for dog’s names from movies. Of course, you can have some real fun here, especially with irony. Imagine calling a Chihuahua Beethoven for example. Many people prefer to stick to reeds, so there are millions of dalmatians called Pongo, and just as many chihuahuas called Papi. If you are hunting for the perfect name for your new puppy, then why not take inspiration from the big screen or television series. It may not be a unique name, but there are certainly plenty to inspire you. Who can forget Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons who also starred in The Simpsons Movie, which to be honest is a bit of a mouthful to be shouting at the dog park, so perhaps their full name is best reserved for formal occasions, daily you could call them Santa.

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